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Multiple strategies and methods can be combined to improve performance, company growth, employee engagement, and other goals. However, it can be difficult to know which strategies and methods will work for your company or yourself as someone who will take the time to learn about it and be trained to become a practitioner. Companies have used Lean Six Sigma for decades to reduce waste and improve their performance. If you want to add value to your curriculum, there’s no other methodology that we at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Columbus High School Students of Georgia can recommend.

This process improvement method is very popular, and since its inception in the 80s, it has only grown. It was originally used in manufacturing, but industries have begun to notice the benefits in other areas as continuous improvement is necessary.

We are more than just a company that implements; we want to help students, business professionals, as well as people at all stages of life get trained. They add value to their curriculums and are able to be valuable assets when learning Sigma. This is why so many colleges and high school students are interested in our services and deciding to get trained and certified.

Lean 6 Sigma is a key and unique tool for companies. It improves processes by reducing waste and eliminating bottlenecks. Other aspects such as customer satisfaction by solving their problems and exceeding their expectations are guaranteed to be possible as well. 

However, working with LSS takes more than just someone who reads about it on the Internet. Companies want to work with professionals who can deliver better results and know how to adapt the methodology to their needs.

Lean 6 Sigma can help you achieve more than one or two goals or results in your company’s processes or business, even if it is related to how you learn at school and your education.

Is Lean Six Sigma really something you need? Or should your company look at other ways to improve its business? Is this a method that only applies to businesses or organizations? 

As an answer to the last question, this is a good idea for students, business professionals, as well as organizations, but we understand that some insight in this reply and provide you with the answer to the other questions will be needed.

Can Lean Six Sigma Benefit Individuals?

Implementing it in a single person may not be feasible considering the entire “process improvement” goal, but experts who spend the time learning how it works could reap the benefits.

Many people believe that Lean Six Sigma experts are rare. Although they are easy to find, you won’t see many people who are knowledgeable about the subject as much as necessary. Instead, there will be a few working in different industries that are truly knowledgeable in it.

Experts are difficult to find for businesses, making you a valuable asset if you add LSS to your list and curriculum.

Learn how to incorporate Six Sigma to get more job opportunities and to be able to apply for positions at all levels of a company.

Depending on your level of expertise, you may receive different benefits. These benefits are universal to all LSS training:

  • There are many career choices.
  • All industries are eligible.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Higher salaries.
  • Quality management is something you should learn.
  • Your company will be valuable in case you decide to start the business yourself.
  • Develop valuable skills.
  • Participate in more decisions.
  • Gain experience in the field you are interested in.

These are the ones that offer more value and potential on both a personal as well as professional level. It all depends on what your goals are and what you can achieve through Six Sigma.

Are Lean & 6 Sigma the Same as Lean Six Sigma?

Six Sigma and Lean, which combined to create LSS, offer more than the main methodology we are studying but individually. They are not the same when it comes down to achieving the desired results and meeting all objectives.

However, this does not mean you should not be familiar with Six Sigma and Lean to be able to work with LSS. You don’t have to know both methods in depth, but it is crucial to understand what methods can be combined into a common one and why this happened.

Although Six Sigma and Lean can be used together, certain elements of Six Sigma and Lean may not be required to reach the Lean Six Sigma goals.

It doesn’t suffice to know a few skills or tools. Instead, you should try to understand their implications so you can make informed decisions depending on your circumstances and available resources. 

This is why we want you to be able to understand Six Sigma and Lean and go over the details of each methodology so you also understand what sets LSS apart and more than a simple combination of both. 

What-is-Lean-Six-Sigma-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Columbus

At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Columbus, our team helps students, business professionals, and companies understand both methodologies. We invite you to stay with us for a closer look:

This allows for the prevention of variations and defects so that clients receive what they want without spending more than they can afford. 

Six Sigma is all about understanding the meaning of a variable and how it affects your business. A simple example will illustrate this.

A company must produce a specific type of glass for a customer. The company or individual hiring the services will provide the specifications so you, the practitioner, can work on a strategy and plan based on LSS.

The goal is to obtain a million—hypothetically—glasses for the customer and guarantee each one of them is the same. The company may receive some defective items or items that are not up to standard during manufacturing. This is inevitable, but you want to help the company reduce the percentage of defective items.

Variations and defects refer to pieces that do not meet customer requirements and specifications. All steps and processes that led to these variations are covered in the same group and should be dealt with.

A regular company would discard between 100-1,000 pieces of glass if it received the request. We don't exaggerate.

DMAIC-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Columbus

If you use Six Sigma (or Lean 6 Sigma), these variations will decrease to 3,4 percent and ensure the company spends less yet earns more.

Six Sigma makes this possible based on its five principles:

  • Concentrate on the customer and work with them.
  • Find the root cause of your problems and then find solutions.
  • Eliminate variations and bottlenecks.
  • Flexibility and Change.
  • Employee engagement can be increased.

Now, when it comes to the tools, Six Sigma has many methods to include during the process, but the main one that LSS integrates as well is the DMAIC one: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control.

This 5-step process allows companies to review every step of the process to obtain the product. They can identify problems and make improvements.

But Then, What Is Lean Six Sigma?

So that you are able to handle the entire process, it is important to have a solid understanding of the method. It is all about knowing when and how to use resources and tools. 

Although you may have principles and tools that LSS adapts from 6 Sigma and Lean, a skilled professional should be able to know when to use them and any other elements, as well as identify what LSS, as a methodology alone, contributes to achieving continuous improvement.

The company’s specific situation will determine the effectiveness of LSS, but negative results are very rare when implementing it, and all of them end up being miscalculations during the implementation. 

In the case of individuals learning this, you learn the methodology and how to use it so you can help companies but also yourself and your own projects. It is useful for professionals and students, regardless of their age, for this very reason and the fact that valuable skills are developed and improved during training.

You can make a career out of the methodology if you’re trained. Many people are becoming LSS consultants to help with managing processes.

LSS consultants are the best option for anyone looking to achieve fast and efficient results. They can help make Lean 6 Sigma work in any company and earn a lot by just sharing knowledge and setting a new plan for the business.

Learn Six Sigma from a Professional

LSS training can be a great option for those who are not interested in working at a company but just want to learn more about the process. You will need to choose a level in the methodology. Instead of using levels, you will be using belts whatsoever.

These belts include black, white, brown, green, and yellow belts. LSS training is not offered by all companies as international recognition and certification are required, so experts can offer it, plus the certificate that will prove your compliance.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Columbus offers the opportunity to obtain the two main belts of the methodology, the yellow belt, and the green belt. As requested, we also offer training to high school students, college students, and business professionals. We can also help companies and institutions set up programs for students and employees.

When you contact us, we will help you select the LSS training that suits your needs and goals. How can you choose the right one for you? You can make an informed decision by focusing on the topics covered in each book and the possible outcomes depending on your expertise level.

However, we want you to remember that a yellow belt is required if you want to move on with the green belt and get certified in it as well.

That being said, these are a few of the many belts we offer:

  • Training to become a yellow belt.

We’ll focus on the basics so that you understand terminology and concepts and can improve your data collection skills and reporting abilities.

This belt is limited to the essentials. It does not include advanced topics or tools. Experts in this field can only fill small roles. These are the jobs. Data analysts help to measure processes and solve problems.

  • Green belt training.

This course does not aim to teach you the same as the yellow belt. Instead, it is about Lean Six Sigma and how to implement it in any company.

This belt will make you an expert in managing and starting projects with the tools and concepts offered by LSS.

Do You Need Our Services?

We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We want to inform you that Yellow Belt & Green Belt Certifications and Training are not the only way we can help individuals, schools, and companies.

If you want to make a difference in your career and work with your own business, our Leadership Excellence course or our Innovation Consulting workshops will greatly help.

Our workshops help you evaluate ideas and build an innovative mindset, while our leadership course will prepare you for any position within a company or when it is time to lead your own team.

You can call us or leave an email. We will respond within 24 hours and provide you with all the information about what’s best for you.