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Yellow Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Columbus

When it comes to implementing methodologies and strategies, they are often broken down into levels; Lean Six Sigma is no different. When you begin to search for information or to be introduced to it, there will be many levels to consider, as one can be better than the other based on your personal and professional goals. We introduce multiple levels, or “belts,” at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Columbus High School Students of Georgia to help spread this methodology to more people and ensure every individual and company can reap the benefits for a better future.

Before we go into the context of the different levels in this methodology, what is a belt? Lean 6 Sigma uses belts to describe the levels because of the way colors identify them. That simple.

You can see that there are no registered levels for 1, 2, 3, or 4. Instead, they are arranged according to colors that correspond with karate. To understand the belts and how they work, you need to focus on the training that you will receive.

Although the white belt is the most basic of all, it does not allow you to be an expert or play certain roles until a certain point. It is not often part of most companies’ training options, and neither is ours, as we believe the belt that follows it offers the same, more information and allows you to work with Sigma.

Yellow Belt Training and its certificate introduce you to the fundamentals, prepare you for project participation, and add value. It is the first and most important level for students and business professionals interested in learning this method and making good use of it.

The yellow belt is the first LSS belt to allow you to work with a group or company. It allows you to perform small tasks and takes on roles. How can you tell if a yellow is the right belt? If you are new to the technique and want to advance your career, it is the one you should start with.

In addition, a yellow belt is mandatory for those that want to move forward with the green belt, and for higher levels, it is natural to require the previous belt corresponding to the one you’ll take.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training for Students & Professionals

Only professionals and companies with a high level of experience in the USA can provide training. Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Columbus has been providing this training for many years. We can assure you that every student has added more to their curriculums once completing training with our team and get certified with us after passing the corresponding exam.

We want you to be able to understand what you can expect and how you will get trained when considering this belt.

The time it takes to complete a yellow belt depends on how much training you have done online and whether or not you can come to class in person. If your goal is to learn the methodology, time is no problem whatsoever. Our company will make sure to set a schedule that adapts to yours, so you don’t have to sacrifice other activities for the sake of Sigma and how our company works.

Systemic Innovation Consulting-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Columbus

On the other hand, if you are worried about time, an LSS Yellow Belt can be obtained in about 10 to 15 days by investing an average of 20 hours in the process.

Next, our outline for this course includes but isn’t limited to:

  • DMAIC basics.
  • Data collecting.
  • Principles and concepts.
  • Six Sigma’s most important tools.
  • Report and measurement.
  • Terminology.
  • History of Lean Six Sigma.
  • What are Six Sigma and Lean?
  • How to work with LSS.
  • You will learn problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Learn how to develop strategies for projects and responsibilities.

How to Get Your Certificate

After completing the Yellow Belt Training, you will need to take one of our exams to receive your certificate. You can take this exam as soon as you finish the training or several days later.

We make sure that students in high school and college have enough time to complete this process without feeling rushed. The same goes for business professionals who are trying to finish the methodology with us.

However, you can still opt for certification even if your training was not completed with us. You will need to pay the exam fees and pass them to meet the standards.

Contact us to get more information or ask our team about the yellow belt for you, your students, or your team.